Julia Badei

Artistic Director and Photographic Artist

"For me, the journey begun with the birth of my Muse, my beautiful-in-every-way baby boy. Still in the haze of drunken love a mother has for her newborn I watched him being photographed by amazing artists. He was only 3 weeks new. And there, sitting on the floor of that studio for 4 inspiring hours and overwhelmed by the beauty that was created in front of my eyes, from that moment Studio Bijou was born. I knew with absolute certainty that my carrier had to change, and that I wanted to create these experiences for other families. Over the next year, I daydreamed Studio Bijou and paved one stepping stone at a time until I was finally able to take a sabbatical from IT and pursue my creative calling. Along the way, I met Valeria who assisted me on the very first newborn shoot, and very quickly became a dear friend. Although she made the most perfect assistant, and the babies loved her, I saw something more in her. I found myself enjoying brainstorming with her and running my daydreams by her. So I invited her along on the journey. And just like I suspected, the girl turned out to be a talent. Working side by side, aligned on the same passions, now we nurture and curate the dream called Studio Bijou together."